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Geeky Cakes

I have a new hobby – as if I need any more, really.

I have been making fondant birthday cakes for my friends and family, and since we are all geeks, most of the cakes have been a reflection of that fact.

The first fondant cake I did was for my daughter’s 12th birthday. I made my own fondant out of the marshmallow-powdered sugar recipe. Quite frankly, it was a pain in the ass. In the end, it turned out alright. Not a total wreck for a first try.

The second fondant cake I did was for the Wrecking Crew’s alpha’s birthday. Pictures of that will be forthcoming, but it was a simple white background, with a wavy band of red at the base, blood drops, and the crew logo on top of it hand carved out piece by piece and layered. I also made marbled d-10’s to scatter on top of it out of the fondant. We were all amused by it.

The third fondant cake was for my daughter’s boyfriend’s birthday. He’s a NASCAR fan, so I did a simple race track and fondant racing cars.

The next two cakes were for my twin brothers. One of them really likes Tinkerbell, the other one is an old school gamer. (Note: I am still learning the ins and outs of I cannot for the life of me get the slideshow or the gallery not to show the other pictures in the post. Grr!)

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One year later, my last attempt was for my daughter’s 13th birthday. This year it was Invader Zim.

I have learned quite a lot about cakes, frosting and fondant with just those six cakes. I have learned that:

  • It’s really fun, but I will never be a professional at this (and I really would not want to be).
  • Commercial fondant bought at Michael’s Arts and Crafts is much easier to work with than marshmallow fondant, and tastes better.
  • To spray the plastic molds with Pam before squishing fondant into them. Otherwise, just do white chocolate and colored white chocolate.
  • The type of cake you use matters greatly. Do not get the extra pudding in the mix cakes. If at all possible, just bake complete from scratch instead of using a box. The home-made cake stands up to having the heavy layers of fondant on top.
  • Simple ideas can come out more elegant than first envisioned.
  • The notes you find about the fondant reflecting every imperfection in the frosting – absolutely true.

Still, all that matters is that those I have made them for absolutely loved them despite my lack of skill.