Gamer-girl-geek about sums it up. Red-headed gamer-girl-geek would be more accurate, but more wordy.

I’m currently a member of the Wrecking Crew, the senior White Wolf demo team and serve as their net-mistress between gaming conventions. Gaming is pretty central to my life, and always has been ever since I can remember. I loved going over to my grandmother’s house because she’s always play games with me. I learned to play cribbage at her side somewhere around 2nd grade I think.

This has been a strange but wonderful journey that brings me to the point of turning my one main passion and hobby into a career. The notion was not even put into my head until October of 2009, at RinCon. Until then, I had primarily done child-care, and even a year as a nanny, and had several side business such as henna, teaching Middle Eastern dance, creating and selling jewelry. Unfortunately, as soon as I turned those hobbies into jobs, those hobbies became work and not fun. Granted, each of those endeavors more than paid for themselves, which is why I ended up going to business school.

That was the goal and direction I had set for myself originally. While in school, I found a love for psychology, and when I am able to return, I will be pursuing a bachelor’s in that discipline.

However, both those degrees are also very applicable to what has become my dream. I already use my business sense to aid the Wrecking Crew. The draw to psychology is natural because as a Storyteller, I revel in getting into people’s heads to see what makes them tick so I can provide a better game for them.

So here I am, blogging my journey.


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