Geek fame

I had the experience over GenCon to be asked for my first autograph. I am still stunned. “My Bear Come So Fat, I Wanna Do Laser” makes more sense. Hell, any of Chuck Wendig’s search term bingo phrases make more sense than when I consider that I was asked for my autograph. I mean, all I did was play test the game – yes, that’s my name right there in that book under play-tester… so are a bunch of other names. That’s hardly autograph worthy in my mind. You know, his name is over on the left side column under authors and such. He’s the one that should be asked for an autograph. Hell, my Geist book is autographed by several of those in the left hand side column.

But then, I had to think back a bit. Phoenix Comic Con. I had a couple of people approach me because of the t-shirt I was wearing. It has the Wrecking Crew logo on it, marking me a part of the Wrecking Crew. I was asked questions, I shook hands. Ultimately they wanted Dave, but settled on me, since Dave was a state away doing KublaCon at the same time.

I scratched my head a few times. Hum. You know what; the Wrecking Crew does have a name for itself. The Wrecking Crew has fans that come to conventions just to play in our games.

Our games.

My games are included in that.

I have players that cleared their schedule for GenCon just to try to play in all my games because they loved the game they got to play in of mine at GenCon ’09. They are already planning on returning next year.

I have, loyal followers? I have, fans? One of them asked me to sign his book? And he was serious about it, not just joking around?

Zzzzttt, beep, buzz, twitch… does not compute, error.

Nah. He did it on a lark.


It was, and still is, surreal to me. Having geek fame. Even this tiny bit of people coming up to you going, “Oh hey, you’re with the Wrecking Crew!” and gushing about us… and I am a part of that.


Cool as hell and totally ego boosting, but still surreal and weird as hell.


One response

  1. You earned it! Enjoy the praise.

    September 10, 2010 at 8:45 am

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